tripping over my own feet, trying to walk to my own beat.

if you're tired of the same old story, turn some pages.

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Why, Mrs. Harmon-Oldman-Leonard, of course!
Ohio, United States
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aidan quinn, alan rickman, being-a-huge-gigantic-fangirl, bette davis, bewitched, bon jovi, cary grant, cher, chris pine, classic film, classy dames, clint eastwood, danny elfman, def leppard, dixie carter, dr. james wilson, drinking pepsi, elizabeth montgomery, ellen burstyn, gary oldman, gary oldman's hands, gena rowlands, gerard butler, harry potter, helen mirren, hot men smoking cigarettes, house, house/cameron, hugh dancy, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, i love lucy, idolizing cher, james franco, james franco's grin, jamie campbell bower, jean de la lune, jean dujardin, jean dujardin's eyebrows, jeremy irons, joan crawford, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, journey, judy garland, julie andrews, justified, katharine hepburn, kristen stewart's bella hair, lucille ball, maggie smith, mark harmon, matchbox twenty, meryl streep, michael fucking jackson, my boyfriend james franco, my husband mark harmon, my-favorite-songs-on-repeat, ncis, not christina crawford, obsessing house md, once upon a time, pineapple express, reo speedwagon, robert pattinson, robert sean leonard, rocky horror picture show, special-agent-leroy-jethro-gibbs, steve perry, steve perry's voice, sweeney todd, the french language, the golden girls, the hunger games, the tudors, the-love-of-my-life-hugh-dancy, tim burton, tim curry, timothy olyphant, turner classic movies, twilight

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