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I'm 26, an Ohio girl, a Cancer by birth, and I drink wayyyy too much Pepsi. I can quote Golden Girls pretty much verbatim, and love to do so whenever I get the chance, so you ~may not want to watch it with me. Unless that would amuse you. I love classic rock, especially 80's pop-rock [Journey, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and REO Speedwagon basically own my soul]. I graduated from college in June 2012 with a degree in Motion Picture History (and in French), and my dream is to someday move to Atlanta and work at Turner Classic Movies. Or work at the Cannes Film Festival. If you care to add me, comment away!

femmes. joan crawford. cher. helen mirren. ellen burstyn. gena rowlands.
dixie carter. katharine hepburn. bette davis. lucille ball.

hommes. robert sean leonard. mark harmon. gary oldman. alan rickman.
james franco. jeremy irons. hugh laurie.
hugh dancy. hugh jackman. gerard butler.
robert pattinson. timothy olyphant. michael fassbender.
henry cavill. aaron eckhart. mads mikkelsen.
tom hiddleston. jamie campbell bower. tom mison.

film. gone with the wind. sweeney todd. immortal beloved. the phantom of the opera.
whatever happened to baby jane?. mildred pierce. the producers.
dead poets society. the rocky horror picture show.
the exorcist. lolita. the harry potter series. mamma mia!.

read less. more tv. house. ncis. the tudors. i love lucy. the golden girls. bewitched.
justified. once upon a time. downton abbey. dallas. hannibal. sleepy hollow. dracula.

tunes. Journey. Cher. REO Speedwagon. Matchbox Twenty. Def Leppard. The Eagles.
Aerosmith. The All-American Rejects. David Cook. Bon Jovi. Rod Stewart.
HIM. Alan Jackson. Dolly Parton. Train.

What's the word?
(a.k.a "joaniedearest is...")

"You are pretty much the best friend that anyone could ever ask for! I love you BFF! :)"

"You're the sweetest, nicest person ... and NCIS fan I know. You're like, NCIS Queen! :)"

"...such a fun person to have on my LJ list. I love your comments, and we both have a shared love for Swing Kids! :) And you know that's epic."

"...pretty awesome!"

"Caileigh is Helen Mirren approved!"

"...super-sweet, wonderfully film-geeky, and all-around delightful!"


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