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films watched
books read

The goal is 100 new films and 10 new books in 2011.


oo1. Fantastic Mr. Fox+
oo2. The Last Station*
oo3. 127 Hours+
oo4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas+
oo5. Love Ranch*
oo6. [Murder in the First]
oo7. [Dangerous Liaisons]
oo8. Songcatcher*
oo9. [The Velveteen Rabbit]
o10. [Dorian Gray]
o11. Candy*
o12. Random Harvest+
o13. My Soul To Take*
o14. Shadow of Fear*
015. Easy A+
o16. The King's Speech
o17. Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor+
o18. Snow White: A Tale of Terror+
o19. Red Riding Hood+
o20. Inkheart+
o21. Morning Glory^^
o22. Charlie St. Cloud+
o23. Insidious+
o24. Life in Flight+
o25. Barry Munday+
o26. (Passengers)^^
o27. (The Amityville Horror)+
o28. Megamind+
o29. Female On the Beach+
o30. The Other Guys+
o31. [Grown Ups]
o32. [Passionada]
o33. Despicable Me*
o34. [The Bounty Hunter]
o35. [Chloe]
o36. Yes Man*
o37. The Switch+
o38. Leap Year+
o39. Shadows & Lies*
o40. Water for Elephants+
o41. Get Him to the Greek*
o42. Paper Man*
o43. A Single Man*
o44. [Dear John]
o45. Suddenly, Last Summer (1993)*
o46. [The Crazies]
o47. [Coastlines]
o48. Catch and Release+
o49. Hitman+
o50. I Am Number Four+
o51. [No Vacancy]
o52. Cars 2
o53. Rango+
o54. Meet Bill+
o55. Live Free Or Die Hard+
o56. [Go]
057. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
o58. Stop-Loss+
o59. The Assignment+
o60. Whisper Island*
o61. [Divorcing Jack]
o62. The Broken Hearts Club
o63. Unknown*
o64. [According to Greta]
o65. [Restoration]
o66. Date Night*
o67. [The Four Seasons]
o68. Love and Other Drugs*
o69. A Perfect Getaway^^
o70. Black Swan*
o71. [A Shine of Rainbows]
o72. [Stone Pillow]
o73. Due Date*
o74. Critic's Choice^^
o75. Arthur (2011)*
o76. How To Train Your Dragon*
o77. Little Fockers*
o78. [A Bear Named Winnie]
o79. Rabbit Hole*
o80. [The World's Greatest Lover]
o81. [You Again]
o82. The Girl Next Door+
o83. The Frisco Kid*
o84. Inception+
o85. [A Walk on the Moon]
o86. Jane Eyre (2011)+
o87. [Angel]
o88. [Fish Tank]
o89. La fille d'eau~
o90. [Hunger]
o91. X-Men: First Class+
o92. The Deadly Companions~
o93. A nous la liberté~
o94. [Centurion]
o95. Eden Lake+
096. Princess Tam Tam+ (French Song class)
o97. Ride the High Country~
o98. La grande illusion~
o99. Major Dundee~
100. La règle du jeu~
101. Fanny~
102. The Merchant of Venice*
103. Blood Creek+
104. The Ballad of Cable Hogue~
105. César~
106. Straw Dogs~
107. Jane Eyre (1943)*
108. Junior Bonner~
109. The Getaway~
110. Boudu sauvé des eaux~
111. Le quai des brumes~
112. The Ledge+
113. The Osterman Weekend+
114. Convoy~
115. Le jour se lève~
116. Green Lantern*
117. Puss In Boots
118. Crazy Stupid Love+
119. Crazy Heart+
120. A Christmas Carol (1999 - Patrick Stewart)*
121. La Bête Humaine*
122. (Somewhere in Time)^^
123. Arthur Christmas+
124. Kung Fu Panda 2+
125. The Adventures of Tintin

Netflix DVD*
[Netflix Instant]
In Theaters
Film Class~ (Not including films that I fell asleep during)
(Seen Before, But Don't Remember Well)
Library/rented DVD, YouTube or Other+
Purchased DVD^^

(Want to see:
-Bottle Shock
-Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
-Everybody's Fine
-A Dangerous Method
-The Debt
-Real Steel
-Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
-Like Crazy
-Breaking Dawn Part 1)

o1. Water For Elephants

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? - Steven Tyler
Jane Eyre
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

2010 lists.
2009 lists.
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