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The goal is 100 new films and 7 new books in 2013.


oo1. Lawless~
oo2. Frankenweenie~
oo3. 28 Weeks Later+
oo4. Mama
oo5. The Campaign~
oo6. Breaking Dawn Part 2+
oo7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*
oo8. Playing for Keeps+
oo9. Sinister~
o10. Beautiful Creatures
o11. The Debt*
o12. The Rum Diary*
o13. Young Adult*
o14. The Witches (1966)*
o15. Precious*
o16. Coriolanus*
o17. Moonlight and Valentino+
o18. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close*
o19. Rise of the Guardians~
o20. Venus*
o21. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel*
o22. Love Never Dies*
o23. In Bruges*
o24. Hope Springs+
o25. American History X^^ (brother purchased)
o26. Little City+
o27. Albert Nobbs*
o28. The Amazing Spider-Man*
o29. Les Miserables^^
o30. The Guilt Trip+
o31. Magic Mike*
o32. Mirror Mirror*
o33. Jack and Jill*
o34. Silver Linings Playbook+
o35. Oz the Great and Powerful
o36. California Solo*
o37. The Oranges^^
o38. Love Happens+
o39. Erased+
o40. Conversations with Other Women
o41. Salem's Lot (miniseries 2004)^^
o42. Trainspotting*
o43. Olympus Has Fallen
o44. Possession (2002)+
o45. (No Reservations)+
o46. (Meet Bill)+
o47. The Shining (miniseries)^^
o48. Velvet Goldmine*
o49. (Rabbit Hole)+
o50. Quartet+
o51. Post Grad
o52. One Day*
o53. The Words+
o54. Towelhead+
o55. Beginners*
o56. Man of Steel
o57. Suspect Zero+
o58. Hot Fuzz*
o59. Neverwas+
o60. A Royal Affair (En kongelig affære)+
o61. Deception^^
o62. The Hunt (Jagten)+
o63. Thank You For Smoking+
o64. Prague (Prag)+
o65. Safe Haven+
o66. The Door (Die Tür)+
o67. (Casino Royale)+
o68. Identity Thief+
o69. Dream House+
o70. Warm Bodies~
o71. The Darjeeling Limited^^
o72. Pitch Perfect+
o73. Before Sunrise+
o74. Before Sunset+
o75. Before Midnight+
o76. The Conjuring
o77. Paranormal Activity 4+
o78. Hotel Transylvania+
o79. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone+
o80. The Purge+
o81. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted+
o82. The Heat+
o83. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World+
o84. Planes
o85. Blue Valentine*
o86. The Full Monty*
o87. Rachel Getting Married*
o88. Into the Wild*
o89. Insidious: Chapter 2
o90. The Last of the Mohicans*
o91. Cavedweller*
o92. The Great Lie^^
o93. A Private Matter*
o94. In the Company of Men+
o95. The Paperboy*
o96. Cosmopolis*
o97. 6 Souls+
o98. Carrie
o99. Breaking Away+
100. Fade to Black+
101. White House Down*
102. Django Unchained+
103. This Is the End+
104. Intouchables*
105. Charlie Countryman+
106. Paranoia+
107. Hitchcock*
108. Red 2*
109. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones*
110. Girlfriend*
111. Winter's Bone*
112. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy*
113. The Sessions*
114. Saving Mr. Banks

Netflix DVD*
In Theaters
(Seen Before, But Don't Remember Well)
Library/rented DVD~
YouTube or Other Website+
Purchased or borrowed DVD^^

(Want to see/need to watch:
-The Lone Ranger
-The Wolverine
-I, Frankenstein
-Twelve Years a Slave)

o1. Pet Sematary
o2. Beautiful Creatures

Les Miserables
A. Lincoln

2012 lists.
2011 lists.
2010 lists.
2009 lists.
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